Getting Involved in San Elijo Hills Clubs

Getting Involved in San Elijo Hills Clubs

Having Fun With San Elijo Hills Clubs

When you move to San Elijo Hills, you might feel like you are starting a completely different lifestyle than wherever you lived before. This community has a wonderful atmosphere, local hiking trails, shops and restaurants nearby, and even award-winning schools for the area children. But that’s not all, by any means. There are also clubs, committees, organizations, sporting groups, and plenty more you could get involved in. Keep in mind that there are no obligations and no pressure to join anything at all. Take your time settling in before you jump in and figure out where you belong, if you want to join anything at all. The area clubs can be a lot of fun and here are a few to consider:


San Elijo Hills has its very own American Youth Soccer Organization so if you have children that like to kick the ball around, become that soccer mom (or dad!) you’ve always wanted to be. You can cheer them on at the games or even help behind the scenes with coaching and in other supportive roles.

The San Elijo Business Breakfast

It’s never a bad idea to network and this business group meets in San Elijo Hills for just that purpose. Talk with others of like-minds or branch out and find a business completely different than yours. You never know what might come of one of these breakfasts.

SEH Women’s Club

This women’s group enjoys socializing, but it also is organized as a non-profit organization that makes the community a better place to live through giving and volunteering. The group’s motto is “women helping others” and they aim to do just that in everything they do.

Stroller Strides

It can be hard for moms to stay fit when they always have kids with them, but this group is there to teach you that you can do it all. Bring the kids and your stroller along and walk some of the hiking trails with other area moms.

SEH Running Club

Running is always more fun when you can encourage other people and get the encouragement you need in a group setting. The running club is designed to be supportive and area runners challenge one another.

SEH Foundation

Like the women’s club, this foundation is non-profit, and community based. They are committed to improving the quality of life all around the San Elijo Hills region. 

What Works Well For You?

As you move to the area and check out the new homes, don’t forget that you are purchasing more than just property. You are also going to enjoy the community as a whole. These clubs and organizations are important to the community and they can always use more support. Consider where you might fit in and how you can do your part, if you decide to move forward with interaction in one or more ways. When you’re ready to make a move on a house, contact the San Elijo Hills professionals and you can ask more about the groups then as well.

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