Facts About San Elijo Hills Developers


Facts About San Elijo Hills Developers

HomeFed Corporation And Its Fine Developers

If you are looking to move to a certain area, like San Elijo Hills, you might wonder about the background of the region. What are the developers like and how did it all come together? Here are some details on the HomeFed Corporation to give you a taste of the difference developers can make in such communities.

The History Of These Developers

HomeFed Corporation is a development company that specializes in making master-planned communities that are vibrant and innovative. With environmental stewardship and intriguing techniques, the developers (headquartered in Carlsbad, CA) undertake large, complex projects. They began in 1988 and take on challenging long-term investments. The creative land planning in their development is attributed to a collaborative team approach alongside development partners and stakeholders.

Developers On A Mission

HomeFed Corporation develops successful places to live, work, and gather. While keeping conservation in mind, they want to reach nothing but the highest when it comes to industry standards in community design. This company wants to enrich new communities by building programs and events along with neighborhoods. They have a number of goals that act as a mission, including:

Minimal Use

HomeFed Corporation wants to minimize the use of all natural resources. That includes land, water, and even energy.

Varied Communities

The company wants to create communities that honor all segments of society including families, singles, multi-generational groups, retirees, and empty nesters, among others.

Remember The Environment

HomeFed Corporation embraces their responsibility for the environment and wants to provide residents the chance to interact with nature through walking trails and other elements.

Financial Health

The company makes it a point to create finances that leave the community in financial health when it is complete.

Master Plans

HomeFed Corporation aims to create communities through a master plan that will meet social, educational, commercial, and recreational needs of many societal segments.

San Elijo Hills From HomeFed Corporation

San Elijo Hills is one of the developments from these developers. It is an award-winning hilltop community with stunning views of the ocean. It has over 3,400 homes residing on 1,921 acres with 1,115 acres of open space. Just 30 miles north of San Diego, it is a great place to live and commute. The inviting town center has extensive recreation options and open space as well. The design was inspired by the layout of the California coastal cities from the early 1900s.

Developers Invite You To San Elijo Hills

San Elijo Hills has been honored with prestigious community awards for master planning. These awards receive hundreds of entries every year and this community won. With its 18 miles of hiking and biking trails and 200-acre park, the development is near completion. With less than 100 homes waiting to be sold, one of them could be yours if you make the move in time. This fantastic community began in the hands of developers and now residents can enjoy this place they call home.

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