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What Developers Do

Developers Make the World Around You

When you look at the world around you, and you see building after building, you can thank a developer. Developers are responsible for building the world around us, and make for a better and more convenient quality of life for many of us. If you’re in an office building, and you have plenty of places to eat and hang out after work, a developer engineered that for you. Developers, much like real estate agents, don’t need any specific experience or education to go into the field. What you do need, though, is economic resources, whether they’re coming from your pocket, or whether you have investors, or both. Developers can be very competitive when it comes to their work; after all, their projects are only successful if they’re able to draw people away from other developers and their projects. Having an idea of what developers do may help you to better appreciate what they do for you and everyone around you.

Purchase Land for Residential or Commercial Use

The financial resources to make this happen depend on where you are, and the price of the property. From there, a developer has options for what they want to do. First thing, though, is that they must decide, for sure, whether the land that they purchase will be for residential use, or commercial use. Though the essentials for building are basically the same, but the building’s use determines how much involvement different stages of the process of building requires. Building in the middle of the city for strictly residential is probably going to require noise insulation that homes in the suburbs don’t necessarily need. These types of distinctions matter, and can slow the process of renting or selling spaces if they aren’t up to building code.

Work with Architects and Engineers

Once a developer has a firm idea of whether the property will be residential, or commercial, they will need to work closely with architects to design the property. If a developer is creating something that is meant solely to provide housing, there will need to be great attention paid to where homes will be in relation to local businesses, where possible recreational items, like swimming pools and gyms will be located, and where the entrances of the homes will be. Developers and architects also need to make sure that they designs for a residential building have clear paths of traffic, where people walk, skate, or bike. If the building is commercial, or mixed commercial-residential use, there will be different requirements, and special considerations for businesses that may prepare food.

Work with Local Governments

After plans are passed from the architect to the engineer, the developer works with the engineer to fine-tune the building, and both submit the plans to the appropriate local government for permits and approval to begin construction. Once construction is done, the developer may oversee renting out or selling pieces of the property, or hire someone else to do it for them. At the end of the road, you’ve got a fun new place to shop or live, and it’s all because someone saw more than just a piece of land.

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