What Do Home Developers Do?

Community of houses built by home developers

What Do Home Developers Do?

The Job Of A Home Developer

As you drive through a neighborhood, you may wonder how it all came together and who started it. You may hear new neighborhoods and areas being called “developments” and that’s because developers have created them. Developers attempt to engineer areas to meet certain needs and conveniences. They come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of education before going into the field, and they need economic resources, either from their own bank accounts or from investors. Being a developer is very competitive because not every project is successful. If you want to become a developer, or you are just interested in how developments come together, it is a good idea to know what developers do.

First Comes Land

Developers can’t do anything at all without land. They have to decide if they are making a residential or commercial property and then they have to purchase the land to accommodate their vision. They need to figure out how much land they will need and what location is best for their needs. Location makes a huge difference to the success of the development. Developing a commercial area in the middle of nowhere may not lead to any sales later on. Putting a commercial property in the middle of a busy section of town, however, can do very well.

Second Comes Planning

Once developers have land and an idea of the basic residential or commercial plot, they will have to work with engineers and architects to plan the area further. There will have to be designs for buildings or houses, walkways, and other requirements and special considerations. The type of business or housing development will determine many of the requirements these individuals will have to go through in order to come up with a final plan.

Third Comes Government Work

Once the plans go through architecture and engineering, developers have to work with the local government in order to ensure that permits are in order to begin construction. Nothing can move forward without permission and things can stall at this point if the proper permits are not granted.

Fourth Comes Building

If the developer gets what he needs from the government, construction can begin. This process can take quite a while, depending on how extensive the development is. If there are a number of houses that need to be built, the developer can start to sell them as they are completed. Other times, a whole commercial section may have to go up before sales are possible.

Fifth Comes Sales

After the construction work is complete, developers sometimes oversee selling or renting the area out to interested parties. Sometimes, they will hire someone else to manage that part for them. If they are developing other regions at the same time, or want to move on to another project, they may pass that job off so they can concentrate on the next development they are going to create on a new piece of land for people to enjoy in an innovative way.

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