What To Bring On Hiking Trails


What To Bring On Hiking Trails

Enjoy Hiking Trails With The Right Supplies

Do you love to hike? If so, moving to San Elijo Hills  is the smart move since the area has plentiful hiking trails for you to enjoy. The only problem is if you hit the hiking trails without the right supplies, you can have a rough time if you aren’t properly equipped and prepared. Use this guide to pack yourself some supplies to make the hike everything it was meant to be.

For Short Hikes

If you’re just going to be gone for an hour or two and it’s nice outside, you might not need much at all. Make sure you hydrate before and plan your route so you can get back within a couple of hours to hydrate again. If you have comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, you should be good to go.

For Medium-Length Hikes

If you’re going to be gone for more than a couple of hours, you’ll want more than just comfortable hiking shoes. Grab a small bag and stock water and a few snacks. Trail mix is always appropriate on a hike or some kind of granola or energy bar. You’ll probably want to take your cell phone, too, in case you need help along the way. But keep it on silent so you can enjoy the hike as much as possible.

Hiking With Others

If you hike quite a bit and a friend wants to start joining you, make sure they know what supplies they will need. They shouldn’t wear brand new shoes if you’re going to go any distance, for example. Shoes need to be broken in so they don’t get blisters and cuts along the way. It can be a challenge to get a new hiker up to your speed, but if you slow down with them on occasion, you can always hike more on your own another time. If the hike is going to be substantial, throw some extra water and energy bars in your bag along with some first aid supplies, just in case.

For Long Hikes

If you’re really going for a hike, you might want to pack full meals into your bag along with sunscreen and water so you don’t get burned or dehydrated. Pack a light jacket and perhaps a change of clothing in case you fall, get stuck in some rain, or something else happens. Extra socks are never a bad idea, either.

Hiking Trails Are There To Be Used

When you first move to San Elijo Hills, perhaps you enjoyed the community atmosphere or the great schools nearby. But once you started taking advantage of the hiking trails as well, it’s hard to stop. Hiking is such great exercise and having trails nearby is a huge advantage of moving to the area. Use the hiking trails with care and caution and pack all the right items and you’ll never have a bad hike. You might talk others into joining your newfound form of exercise, but don’t let their lack of supplies slow you down.

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