Exploring New Hiking Trails In The Fall


Exploring New Hiking Trails In The Fall

Fall Hiking Is Unique

Being outdoors and around nature can be magical experience any time of the year. There is something truly unique about the experience in the fall though. The trees are changing, the air is getting crisp, and the weather is a bit chilly. Exploring new hiking trails during this time is even more unique. When you don’t know where you may end up or what the sights look like, you have the potential for a great adventure. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to be prepared for hiking during the fall season.

Dress For The Occasion

The weather during the fall is constantly changing. Temperatures fluctuate from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter. In some areas, you can even expect rain, sunshine, and even snow in a single day. When hiking, it’s important to dress accordingly. Keep an eye on the weather report and hang on to a light jacket. The worst thing is to get caught in unexpected weather while you are out on the trail. However, if you pay attention to what the weather experts say and dress accordingly, you will be just fine.

Pack For The Season

Preparing for the unexpected during the fall season goes beyond just the clothes you wear. To really be prepared, you need to pack accordingly for fall as well. A small survival kit is a great way to do just that. The typical items like bandages and snacks are a good place to start. For the fall, you might also consider things like allergy medication and wipes for when things get really muddy or dusty outside. This will largely depend on you and your family members, so pay attention to what everyone may need.

Take A Map Or Trail GPS For Exploring

True adventurers know they’ll need to find their way around when necessary. While you might not be going on a foreign excursion, exploring new hiking trails can be just as daunting if you don’t know your way around. A part of the fun is the unknown, so at the very least, have a map or off-road GPS on hand. If you are feeling adventurous or just want to see where you’ll end up, you can put the location device away until you need it again.


The most important thing to remember when trying out new hiking trails is to explore! Having a number of trails to check out is great for keeping things new and exciting. Start with one trail and see where you end up. If that gets too boring, try out a different trail or mix up the trails you do each hike. Moving to a community with plenty of hiking trails gives you a lot of different options, so embrace the unexplored. To learn more about our hiking trails in San Elijo Hills or the rest of our community, check out the rest of the website.


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