Great Ways to Love Your Area

Beautiful homes in clean area due to community helping clean makes you love your area so much more

Great Ways to Love Your Area

In or Out, You Live Near a Goldmine

Your community is a group of people with platonic or familial ties that is there for one another. Maybe not all neighborhoods are like this, but many people count on their neighbors every single day for emergencies, companionship, or a laugh or two. Making the most of your community might not seem like something that’s at the top of your list of priorities, but it’s the best thing that you can do for your sanity, and to really get your feet wet in the world around you. Check out the scene, load up on new friendships, and prepare for your new community to amaze you!

Go Hiking

What better way to take in your surroundings than with a long, invigorating path through the woods to incredible panoramic views? Hiking is a hobby for some; some people are on a new (or new-ish) trail every weekend, pack on and water handy. Other who are less enthusiastic do their fitness business, and are home in time for the barbeque. Either way, hiking trails are for everyone to love and enjoy, and give you your full dose of fresh air and Mother Nature in one fell swoop. People hike for fitness, and hobbies, of course, but a hike can be a great, blood-pressure reducing stress reliever for people who have stressful careers. If you’ve got fifteen minutes, you’ve got enough time to get your blood pumping, and use those those trails!  

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Maybe you’re not into trails. Maybe you’re only using the trail for its easy access to your favorite street. Or maybe your favorite place is so far away from a trail, you only know they’re there because someone told you. If you’ve got trails, you’ve probably got parks, too. Parks are a jack-of-all-outdoors – some have tracks, and access to trails, some have tables, and grills, some are playgrounds with cushioning below, and the best have fields for football and soccer. Parks are where you play, picnic, and stretch. There is no set way to love this patch of nature that your community makes available to you, except, to treat it the way that it should be treated.

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

If you’ve noticed that things in your community have gotten a little out of hand, a neighborhood clean up could be just what the doctor ordered. These events are easy to organize, but may have lower turnout than what you’re going for. Once everyone has their gloves, contractor trash bags, and tools, start picking up! A quick sweep will do more good than you know, and any organization will be more than happy to have your assistance.

Host School Field Trips

If you’re a business owner that can’t get away from work as often as you would like, consider hosting an educational fun day for schools in the area. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you own or run a brewery, but many other businesses are great opportunities to teach children more about the world they live in. Take pleasure in nurturing young minds, and love your community back!

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