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Hiking Trail Leading into a beautiful sunset

Hiking Trails and Natural Beauty

Making the Most of Your Home is Just a Short (or Long) Walk Away

Even if you have no natural inclination to spend your free time going on long, difficult walks, no one can deny the scientifically-proven benefits of spending more time outside. People who spend their free time doing outdoor activities are at lower risk for developing heart-related illnesses, and usually have an easier time managing their blood pressure. Outdoors-types are less likely to live with depression and anxiety, and may even have fewer allergies. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the world that we live in, there are several ways of getting all of your enjoyment without having to rely on your body to make it through rough, unforgiving terrain. Don’t be afraid to ask people in other areas about the difficulty of their hiking trails; many people who experience nature hikes and trails are open to sharing their experiences!

Hiking Trails

For those of us who appreciate and enjoy hiking, the first way of enjoying the great outdoors is one of the more obvious ways to love the great outdoors. Hiking can be as intense or as easy as you please, with trails available for every skill level. San Diego is especially good because its proximity to the mountains provides plenty of opportunity for anyone, of any fitness level, to try out a trail or two.


Parks are a place that most all of us remember visiting as children, and having fond memories. Parks are a place to run, play, jump, and yell. Particularly if you live near a park, you’ve got a place to go when you need to release some stress, or if you need a place to do some basic workouts while the kids make their way to the playground equipment. Don’t underestimate what a park can do for the whole family, especially after a long day stuck indoors.


Warm and relaxing with all of the fresh air blowing in off of the Pacific Ocean, the beach used to be an envious vacation to most of the nation. When you have the good fortune of living near or next to a beach, using it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Some use the beach for the resistance the sand provides to runners, some competitive swimmers take on those currents, and surfers will ride the wave.

Dog Parks

Some dog parks have tracks for doggies and their owners to go around and enjoy the fresh air. With plenty of room for fetch, and other dogs and humans also present, dog parks are a good opportunity for dogs to get exercise and the social interaction with other dogs and humans that they need.

Nature Walks

If you want to do something reminiscent of a hike, but don’t have the physical ability to go up and down the mountain trails, there are simply nature walks. A small group of people with or without a guide walk through green areas, stopping to smell flowers and look at animals going about their routines. With so much green space around the mountains of San Diego, you will have plenty to do and see if you look.

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