Hiking Trails in San Diego

Great Hiking Trails in San Diego Make Exercise Fun

Hiking Trails in San Diego

Hiking Trails are the Best Thing for You

Never underestimate the power of mother nature. Spending more time outside, taking advantage of fresh air, sunshine, and moving your body has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and heighten the effectiveness of medicinal therapy for chronic conditions. People who hike regularly have higher metabolism, an easier time producing Vitamin D, which assists in the absorption of calcium into bones, and are at decreased risk of developing heart disease and suffering from high blood pressure. Understandably, communities located near hiking trails are desirable: the earlier you introduce children to hiking and the outdoors, the easier it is to teach them appreciation of nature, and the easier it is to get them to play outside. It also helps that, attached to or situated around many trails, are parks for eating and leisure. Whether you’re a novice hiker with no idea of how to navigate, or an expert tracker, there is a hiking trail in the Great San Diego Area with your name on it.  

Copper Creek Trail

This is an easy trail, suitable for beginners. The trail runs along Copper Creek, which has survived California’s drought. The wildlife along the trail is serene and plentiful.  

Canyon Trail

Another easy trail for the casual hiker, this is a popular walk that is populated by people with smaller dogs, and small children. The trail is short, but dotted with lovely flowers, and fun to walk.

San Elijo Road Trail

Running parallel to San Elijo Road, this alternately hard-and-soft surface trail runs through the San Elijo Hills Community.

Garden Trail

The Garden Trail is a gentle hike filled with kindly older people getting going on their morning routines. At just ⅔ of a mile long, The Garden Trail connects two close neighborhoods: Calistoga and the homes on and off of Questhaven Road. The Garden Trail is convenient to the park off of Questhaven road, giving you even more options for exercise or relaxation. Make a nature walk on the way to visit your friends!

Sunset Trail

Not a beginner, but not yet ready for the big leagues? Grab your hiking shoes, and try your luck on The Sunset Trail.Take your time getting up a steep incline to get your heart beating. The reward is a gorgeous panoramic view of the San Diego coastline. The trail is just a half-mile long, and brings you face to face with a variety of vegetation and wildlife.

Lake View Trail

Another intermediate trail for experienced hikers (or those who are simply seeking a challenge), the Lake View Trail provides as much as the name insinuates – beautiful views of South Lake. Of course, from your vantage point, you’ll also be able to get a good look beyond the lake, so be sure to take your time, and bring your binoculars.

Discovery Trail

One of the great things about living in a planned community like San Elijo Hills is access to trails right from your backyard. From San Elijo Hills Park, you will have easy, unfettered access to The Discovery Trail, a moderately-difficult trail. The great thing about The Discovery Trail is that it links to Cerro de los Posas Trails, giving you your choice of daily adventures.

Double Peak Trail

If you take The Discovery Trail to the Cerro de los Posas Trails, you’ll run right into Double Peak Trail, named after the other name for Cerro de los Posas, Double Peak Ridgeline. The Double Peak Trail is a challenging trail that goes up a steep hill to take you 1640 feet above sea level. The views are legendary, and you will have plenty of exercise getting back down, too!

Ocean View Trail

If you are ambitious enough to take on Double Peak, try the soft-surfaced, mile-long Ocean View Trail, and enjoy yet another worthwhile view of the gorgeous San Diego Coastline.

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