Introducing Your Child To Nature On The Hiking Trails

Introducing Your Child To Nature On The Hiking Trails

Enjoying Hiking Trails With Children

If you’ve enjoyed hiking for a while, it’s only natural that you would want to share that joy and passion with your children. When you live in an area like San Elijo Hills, the trails are right there within your community. With easy access, it makes sense to introduce your kids to hiking on the local nature trails. Here are a few steps to get your family headed in the right direction so everyone enjoys the experience as much as possible.


1-Talk About The Experience First

Before you head to the hiking trails with kids, talk to your children about what the experience could be like. Tell them what you have seen before and why you’ve enjoyed hiking. They may see plants, new flowers, wildlife, and a variety of other things. You might run into people they know that they can say hello to as well. There might be things you want them to avoid, like dangerous plants, straying from the path, and other such items you want to remind them of before you head out. The more they know about what to expect and what to do or not do, the better things will go for everyone.


2-Don’t Forget Sunscreen

You want the experience to be as pleasant for your kids as possible so you need to prepare them with sunscreen. Some hiking trails are in treed areas with little sunshine, but the sun has a way of getting through in San Diego and it’s best to have sunscreen on so sensitive skin is not susceptible to any burns. If you’re going to be out for a few hours, you want to protect their skin so they don’t associate burns with hiking and want to avoid going again.


3-Pack Snacks And Drinks

While you don’t want to have a heavy bag to tote along, you know your child and you know they are going to be hungry and thirsty the minute you get too far away from the house to turn back for a break. Pack some trail mix or granola bars for a quick snack and plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated for the duration of the trip.


4-Hike Little By Little

Don’t take your child on a first hike and expect them to walk for miles without tiring or complaining. That’s just not how children operate! Start out with a short hike to get them used to the idea and excited about the experience. You can lengthen the time and distance a little each time you go out as they build their patience with hiking and their stamina on the trails.


Hiking Trails Are Convenient For Exercise

It’s nice to see kids out in nature, enjoying the fresh air where they belong. If you want your children to take a break from the screens and get back into the natural setting, hiking trails are a great answer. You can spend time as a family, see natural settings, and get all the the exercise and stimulation you need, right in your own backyard. When hiking trails are conveniently located nearby, like in San Elijo Hills, it’s even easier to talk yourself and the kids into a nice hike.

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