What To Prepare For Long Hiking Trails


What To Prepare For Long Hiking Trails

One of the best aspects about living in a developed community like San Elijo Hills is that it brings you really close to nature. The area surrounding San Diego has thousands of acres of beautiful parks, an unbeatable Mediterranean climate, and countless ways for residents and visitors to take in the scenery and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some of the best ways for anyone in the San Elijo Hills area to take advantage of this environment are the various hiking trails.

Preparing For a Day On The Hiking Trails

For the most part, the trails around San Elijo Hills are made to be enjoyed. There are 12 different trails, and in total they span approximately 18 miles. Some of these are under a mile, but contain more of a vertical challenge, while others are meant to be strolled along at a comfortable pace as you move around the community. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Anytime you plan on exploring a new trail, or if you’re new to hiking in general, there are a couple of important tips that will help you stay safe, and most importantly, enjoy the experience!

Map Your Route

Unless you’re extremely familiar with the area or a veteran hiker, you don’t want to approach any hiking situation without having a clear idea of where you’ll be going. With so many trails to choose from, it’s important to map out a route before starting. Know where the beginning point is, and what various trails can branch off from there. Is the trail going to guide you in a loop, bringing you right back to where you began, or will you end up somewhere else? What’s the distance you’ll be travelling? Is the terrain rocky? Approximately how long is the travel time? By having all of this information ahead of time, you won’t be caught off-guard or find yourself in a situation you’re not comfortable with.

Have The Right Equipment

The different trails in San Elijo Hills also appeal to different activities as well. Besides walking or running, residents or visitors can bike, or even ride a horse! Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have all the proper equipment. If you’re biking, make sure that you are wearing the required safety equipment, and ensure that the bike itself is in good condition. Deflated tires, bent spokes, or a rusty chain can all potentially cause the bike to stop functioning, and that might lead to an accident. Also make sure you have a small repair kit (usually strapped to the bike frame), that you can use to help make any impromptu repairs.


For general hiking, bring enough water, a few snacks, and sunscreen. As beautiful as the San Diego weather is, it can also be unforgiving at high altitudes. You don’t want to get any sunburns, or become dehydrated.

Know About The Local Flora and Fauna

San Elijo Hills is certainly nothing like the Amazon, but it’s important to be mindful about various plants and wildlife that populate the area. Knowing how to spot certain plants like poison ivy or poison oak can prevent a trip to the pharmacy. Also have a general knowledge of the local wildlife. Is it a time of year when snakes will be out and about? What about other critters? If there’s anything considered to be a predator, you want to know about it too. A great way to help prepare is by checking local community or park websites, which will provide a ton of information about the area and what you might expect at any given time of the year.

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