The Unspoken Rules Of San Elijo Hills Trails


The Unspoken Rules Of San Elijo Hills Trails

Utilizing San Elijo Hills Trails To Their Fullest

If you are moving to San Elijo Hills, you are likely excited about the community feeling, the nearby town center, the schooling opportunities, and the house itself. But the hiking trails are also reason for excitement. The San Elijo Hills trails are among the best in the region and there are plenty of them to enjoy. With over 18 miles of hiking trails and 1,000 acres of dedicated parkland, hikers and outdoor lovers have plenty to enjoy. Whether you like to hike, jog, walk at a leisure pace, or socialize while you work out, you have options. While you get used to living so close to trails at your disposal at all times, it’s good to learn some of the unspoken rules to keep the trails nice for you and the others in the community.

Rule 1: Leave No Trace

As is true for many parks, you want to leave it how you found it. That means you should take anything with you that you brought along and do your best not to disturb the natural habitats around you. If you bring a water bottle, take the empty bottle home with you to dispose of it. While the flowers lining the trail might be pretty, let them grow in their natural setting instead of picking them.

Rule 2: Show Consideration

You might see others when you are on the San Elijo Hills trails and that’s part of what people love about the region. But you will want to be considerate of others using the trail. Use earphones, for example, instead of blaring your music when you are hiking. When you come up behind someone else, announce your presence and the fact that you will be passing them instead of just pushing by and possibly startling them. A lot of consideration on a trail is common sense and politeness to others.

Rule 3: Clean Up After Pets

If you like to take your dog on hikes with you, that’s great. They can be good company and it’s nice to have them work out and about. However, whenever you have your dogs with you, there are possibilities that they’ll need to go and dogs will go wherever they are. Be considerate of other trail hikers and show common courtesy by picking up after your dog.

Rule 4: Stay On Trails

The trails are there for your enjoyment and they’re put into place where they are for a reason. Don’t wander off the trails to navigate your own course as you might be disturbing the wildlife and the plants around the trails. Stick to the trails and don’t destroy any of the land around it.

Getting Used To San Elijo Hills Trails

The more you use the San Elijo Hills trails, the more you will enjoy them. When you live so close to the trails, it’s more convenient for you to enjoy the trails than if you were to have to drive to access them. Keep the trails as nice as possible as you enjoy them so everyone else can get just as much from their hikes as you do.

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