How to Host the Perfect Friendsgiving This Fall

How to Host the Perfect Friendsgiving This Fall

Why Celebrate Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving time celebration where friends gather to eat and be festive during the fall season. While there’s no specific date for Friendsgiving, it generally occurs the week prior to Thanksgiving, from November 21st to November 27th. It might not be a national holiday, but it’s an important one for getting together everyone you love. We’re here to give some tips for hosting the perfect Friendsgiving this season, from making it themed to saying thanks.

Pick a Theme

Themes are optional, but they help center the party around a core aesthetic. For example, you could ask all of your guests to wear plaid. Another idea is to encourage ugly Thanksgiving sweaters or something funny. A theme helps you as the host or hostess to pick decor, and get guests excited about attending. Make to take a group photo if you decide upon matching attire!

Do Something New

Because Friendsgiving is already outside the normal realm of holidays, there’s no reason to make it strict. Keep the day casual, and let everyone attending know that this won’t be a serious affair. Additionally, take this opportunity to put your own spin on traditional dishes. You don’t have to go full Thanksgiving, just have fun with it!

Extend the Invite

Friendsgiving is the time to invite everyone. You never know who could use a friendly spot to hangout for the holidays or who might be far from what they call home. It’s a kind gesture to extend RSVPs to people on the periphery of your friend group or even acquaintances. Even if they aren’t your closest friends, you’ll have the chance to make some great new friends.

Prep Ahead

In order to keep your stress low, do as much prep before the party as you can. Prepare dishes so they’re ready for baking, set the table, and organize your home. This allows you to relax on the day of Friendsgiving and simply enjoy your friends’ presence.

Keep It Cozy

Thanksgiving tends to be accompanied by colder weather. To keep you and your guests cozy, stay stocked on warm knit blankets. Prepare a lounge-esc area with extra throw pillows and floor seating, so you all have a place to hang out and celebrate once dinner is over. 


Thanksgiving’s purpose is to honor the things we’re endlessly thankful for. Make sure to set aside a time for everyone to voice what they’re thankful for. Allowing for reflection adds meaning to your celebration. It’s easiest to go around in a circle after dinner to voice thanks.

Take Home Leftovers

The best part of Thanksgiving is the food, and the same goes for Friendsgiving. Drop by the grocery store beforehand for spare disposable containers. Allow your guests to take home leftover food items! They’ll be grateful for the extra meal, and have a chance to remember how much fun they had. 

Friendsgiving in San Elijo

San Elijo Hills is proud to provide the perfect community for hosting a Friendsgiving. Whether big or small, our neighborhood has all the friends you’re looking for. This fall season, grow your friend group within San Elijo Hills by hosting the quintessential Friendsgiving!

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