Buying A New Home VS A Pre-Owned Home


Buying New Homes VS Pre-Owned

New Homes Give You Options

The decision between buying a new and pre-owned home is a difficult choice to make for many home buyers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, figuring out the best option depends on the real estate market and your personal situation. What is your budget? How much work do you want to put into your new home? While many factors influence the ultimate choice, the case for a new home is a strong one. In general, new homes can give you a degree of customization that pre-owned simply can’t match.

Pre-Owned Doesn’t Mean Cheaper

Many people assume that pre-owned homes will always be cheaper compared to new builds. This largely depends on the cost of the new build because prices range from baseline to luxury expenses. While pre-owned homes can start off cheaper, the amount you may eventually put into it will have a large range as well. Pre-owned homes come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of livability. The older the home is, the more work you may have to put into it. If you want to change things like floors or walls, remodeling expenses will also add up. For both new and pre-owned homes, the ultimate influence on the final cost is the buyer. You, as the buyer, have the most control over expenses.

Find The Right Floor Plan

One of the biggest advantages that new homes offer is the choice over your home’s layout. While buying a new home won’t give you freedom like a custom design will, developers tend to offer a variety of floorplans to suit different preferences. Two stories, ranch homes, multiple car garages, and more are typically available. Some floor plans even offer different options for extra rooms, garages, or alternate layouts in the same space. With a pre-owned home, you are initially limited to how the home is laid out.

Customize A New Home

During the planning and building process of a new home, the buyer has many choices to make on the final look and feel of the interior and exterior of the house. Paint colors, exterior materials, kitchen materials, and other floor/wall decor choices will be present. While this can be daunting, it also means that buyers have more control over the final look of the house. Buyers also have more control over their final price since the different expenses of materials and labor will affect the final cost.

Make The Experience Your Own

The final advantage of a new home is the ability for buyers to make it their own. A home is meant to be a personal, safe space for an entire family. Customizing the home from start to finish is the best way to create this personal experience. This allows you to tailor the feel of your new home down to the smallest details. Interested in seeing what life in San Elijo Hills may be like? Check out the rest of the website to see our community and available floor plans.


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