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Checklist for Home

A List to Love about Your Home

Of course you don’t think of your home as a piece of real estate. Even though that is what it is, a home is so much more than just that real estate that you know it to be. It’s the place that you and your family feel safe and warm. It is the place you will start and end every day. It is the place that you look to for comfort, and to get away from outside things at work or elsewhere that have been bothering you. Your home, though, is even more than just a home – it is the center of your life, and you are lucky to have the things that you have, including the real estate that is close to your home. The surrounding area of your home will sometimes determine how much time you end up spending outside of your home and in your own neighborhood.


You have a home so that you will have plenty of space to yourself, and privacy for your family. Though ‘space’ and ‘privacy’ seem to contradict each other, when you’re talking about your home, they don’t! You’ve got plenty of good reasons to want a spacious home. Room for children to run around, room for pets to do the same, room for exercise equipment and large furniture, are all reasons that people want, even need extra space in their home. A spacious home has more possibilities for visiting friends and families who stay with you, and you’ve got more than enough room to separate yourself for some quiet time away from loved ones.

Proximity to Schools and Restaurants

Your home’s real estate value is linked to its proximity from schools, restaurants, and attractions. Beautiful parks nearby and walking-distance shopping, even if said shops aren’t your style, will inevitably make some homes more valuable than others. This, though, is part of the reason you love your home – anything you need is just a short drive away, and this is the main pull of suburban life. The convenience of purchasing a home in a busy area is that you won’t want for anything, as most everything you would want to do will be fairly close by. Lovely places to eat and have drinks and new experiences are just around the corner. Children won’t be far from school, making it safer for them to walk there, and giving you the peace of mind that they are safe.


Neighbors are actually part of your larger support system. Though this has changed a little over the years, neighborhoods are still the place for social engagement and to make new friends. While many people choose not to befriend their neighbors, there are many more reasons to have a relationship with a trustworthy neighbor than not to. A trustworthy neighbor could be available to help you when you leave town, babysit, or recommend a good service provider. Likewise, you might be able to help them to get in touch with an experienced financial planner, and remind them of great deals at your favorite retail store. There is always a mutual benefits to being close to your neighbors, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

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