Enjoyable Trends In New Homes


Enjoyable Trends In New Homes

Finding New Homes With Lasting Trends

When looking over new homes, you will look at some of the basics, like square footage and location. But it’s the details where you’ll really find enjoyment in your home. There are certain trends that have taken over the market and if you can find many of them in one home, you have a sound investment—and a property you will truly enjoy. Here are some of the new home trends that have lasting power.

Outdoor Living Areas With Indoor Connections

Outdoor living spaces have been around for years and they have only gained popularity in recent years. The big trend right now, however, is to blur the lines between the inside and outside space within a home. You’ll see things like bifold doors that’ll separate the interior from the exterior. Bifold doors are made of multiple leaves that fold back on themselves and is an easy and accessible barrier between your outdoor and indoor space. There will also be colors and textures that flow from inside to the outside space to give it a cohesive look.

Smarter Features Within Already Smart Homes

Technology has taken over the world and new homes are incorporating more smart features within their walls. Some homes have video doorbell systems so they can see who is at the door when it rings. Thermostats are connected to the internet and your phone so they can be controlled from anywhere at any time. The list goes on and all of these smart features are quickly becoming popular in the household.

More Living Suites

Whether you have a teenager who needs privacy, an aging loved one who might need to move in, or guests who filter through, living suites are a huge advantage. These suits include private living spaces like bedrooms complete with their own bathrooms. They can be utilized for a number of things over the years and they add value to a home right away.

Simple, Seeable Storage

When you think of storage, the first thing that might come to mind is being hidden away and out of sight, but today’s trends call for some open storage that you can see. There might be built-in shelves in the living room or plate racks in the kitchen. The stylish storage has become an integral part of new homes.

The Open Concept Continues

The open concept doesn’t seem to have an end in sight and new homes feature it more often than not. Seamless living spaces are versatile and can fit into a number of different family needs. They’re not only stylish and trendy, but also practical.

Finding New Homes In San Elijo Hills

The unique, beautiful new homes in San Elijo Hills were planned by a developer to suit current family needs. There are a variety of options in the region and they are all nestled in a community with some of the best schools in the state. With hiking trails and great shopping nearby, it’s hard to beat this location. Search through the trends and prioritize what you need versus what you simply want to have in a home. Then, look through the new homes in this area to find one that fits.

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