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Young Couple Moving Into Their First New Home

Great Things About New Homes

Why Buy a New Home? Here’s Why.

Maybe it seems like a luxury, but a new home is the way to go for anyone who can afford it. There are distinct advantages to purchasing an older home that’s been loved and lived in, particularly when it comes to the cost of said older home, but nothing will ever compare to having a home that is all your own. Older homes’ prices can be attractive because they will typically cost less upfront than a new or new home. What many home shoppers neglect to remember, however, is that older homes may need repairs. Repairing your home is inevitable, whether your home is a new construction, or whether your home is older, but with new or newer homes, you have a far better chance of being able to avoid repairs for years after you buy.

Lower Bills

Though it may seems strange to spend more money to pay less money, that is exactly what you will be doing with a new construct homes. Newer constructs will have more energy-efficient appliances, and will be better insulated. You will have the opportunity to change your windows and/or doors to further contribute to energy bill savings, but even if you choose not to, buying a new home means that you are getting the most of your money where utilities are concerned.

Safer Electrical System

This appeals again to the concern in saving money on your utility bills in that a more secure electric system is more likely to property utilize electricity. Don’t forget, though, that electrical systems can be dangerous: exposed wiring, worn wiring, old and brittle wiring, and shotty circuit breakers can all have an impact on the overall safety of your home, and you do not want to compromise your safety. A newer home will have your electric wiring tucked safely away from the reach of kids and pets, and you can rest assured that the wiring will be brand-new, and just for you and your late-night T.V. marathons.

Open Floor Plans, and Customizations

Today, homebuyers are looking for open floor plans, or larger space allotments for the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. In purchasing a new home, you’re ensuring that you will have as much or as little space as you want. Another great thing about your space in a brand-new home is your ability to add or leave out details that will not work for you and your family. Maybe you would like a refrigerator that fits in a smaller space, or a stove with a flat-panel range. Maybe you want bay windows in two of the bedrooms, and are adding a sunroom.  Buying a new home makes all of these possibilities much more possible.


Never underestimate the power of a warranty on a new home. A warranty on a new home is the difference between you being responsible for your brand new roof leaking, and the builder stepping in to cover the cost of repair. A warranty on a new home will last for at least one year, but most last longer, so you will have plenty of time to get to know your new home, and find its quirks.

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