Are Inspections Necessary for New Homes?


Are Inspections Necessary for New Homes?

Why New Homes Need An Inspection

A very common question asked by people when buying new homes is if it requires an inspection. Many people assume when a home is brand new that everything works fine, so why bother spending money on a home inspection? The chances of finding problems is slim, after all…or is it? Inspections on new homes are just as likely to show issues that need attending as any other home inspection, which is why it’s always a good idea to have one done. The last thing you want is a major problem once the home is all yours! A home inspection is part of any home buying process. Here’s why it’s so important!

Problems In Homes Aren’t Always Due To Age

A home is a complex structure built by many hands in the construction process. Even with a quality developer and builder on your side to double and triple-check the work, there are issues that can only be discovered by a certified home inspector. A few examples of potential problems in new homes include:

  • Missing siding
  • Raised roof shingles that would allow water underneath
  • Organic growth on the wood framing of the crawl space
  • Unattached ducts to the air conditioning and heating unit
  • Missing insulation

What About City Inspections?

New home inspections performed by local jurisdictions make sure the home adheres to minimum code, but those inspections are just what they say they are – minimum. The city inspector has not been hired to protect your potential investment, they’re simply there to make sure the building meets the requirements of the city, county, and state specifications. Most inspections done by the city won’t reveal any deeper issues or potential issues that exist.

Inspections: Don’t Just Look For Problems

Another great reason to have an inspection done on new homes is that it can teach you about how it is configured and constructed. This provides you with a great opportunity to learn more about your new home and understand how to best maintain it for the future. You may want to try to sell it one day and having the original inspection on hand is a plus.

When You Sell

If you ever decide to sell your home, then you may lament not doing a home inspection when it was new. That’s because the next potential buyer of the home definitely won’t skip the inspection. Any problems that have existed will be your responsibility, which means you’ll be on the hook financially for fixing them before selling the home. Wouldn’t that just be better to learn up front? Ultimately, home inspections are important – no matter what kind of home you’re buying!


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