New Homes: How To Paint Yours Full of Color

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New Homes: How To Paint Yours Full of Color

How To Paint Your New Dream Home Full of Color

Many new homes do not come decorated. Most people are drawn to certain colors, and finding the right shade for your home can be a work of art. You can create a mood with the colors you choose, but with so many shades to choose from, shopping for the right color can become confusing. Whether you like vibrant or soft shades, the right color can make any room sparkle.

Pick A Color Scheme

When it comes to giving new homes personality, color can play a large role. Instead of choosing just a single color, it’s important to choose color schemes. Pick colors next to each other, or near each other, on the color wheel at your hardware or paint shop. These colors are complementary and have a look that is easy and tranquil to live with. Try rich, warm colors in areas you want people to feel welcome such as the living room, den, dining room, and hallways. Turn your bathroom into a place to relax with colors reminiscent of the beach. Or throw some sunshine into your morning with bursts of yellows and oranges. A dining room can be smart and formal for entertaining with navy or royal blue on beige. Contemporary bedrooms are all the rage with layering neutrals and browns. Go for the dramatic and combine bright pinks and vibrant green, or eggshell walls and one vibrant red or green for a splash of color. Play around with lighting to create different moods for situations such as romantic, daily living and entertaining.

Create Unity Through Color

Now that you have loads of ideas and color schemes for your new home, stop and think about the overall effect when all the doors are open and you can see in the rooms. Small houses can seem cluttered with too many colors. Pull the whole scheme together by choosing an overall color for the entire house. Try doing different things in each room within your color scheme. In a larger house, take note of the meeting points in each room to get a harmonious effect. Do you have an open floor plan? If your rooms open into one another, use a slightly different tone for each room. For instance, switch from a pale shade of green to a dark one. You can use more than one wall color but be sure to paint all the trim the same color to create unity.

Hang Paint Samples On The Walls

When painting new homes, you should buy sample-size paint cans of your chosen color at your local hardware or paint store. Don’t paint a rainbow onto your wall. Paint onto pieces of nonabsorbent white paper, and tape it onto the wall. Hang contrasting colors next to one another and get a feel for what works best together. Leave the sheets up for a few days, move the colors around the room, and look at the paints in different lights. This is a good way to get a feel for the room before you paint it!

New Homes In San Elijo Hills

Still searching for your dream home? The San Elijo Hills community has a variety of new homes for sale. With a variety of floor plans available, you will surely find a forever home that fits the needs of your family.

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