New Homes vs. Older Homes

Newer homes with newer systems and appliances a good buy

New Homes v. Older Homes

New Homes Win, but so Do Older Ones

Money is usually the name of the game when we take that hard look at what kind of home we want to buy. The amount of money that we have budgeted should ideally only have to go toward the purchase of the home and the utilities, not fixing damages parts, but alas, this may be a reality for people who buy homes at auctions, or buy fixer-uppers. If you’re not looking for either of these, however, the last thing that you want is to have to deal with extensive repairs when you’ve just moved in, and want to enjoy your new home. Don’t think, though, that purchasing an older home means that you’re beholden to spend the rest of your life making repairs. All homes need maintenance, and some need a little extra care.

Newer Homes Have Warranties

This is most of the reason that people will usually choose to buy new homes. No matter how much faith a buyer has in the craftsmanship of a new home, no one will be inclined to buy a new build without the collection of warranties that come with a new, move-in ready home. Warranties protect buyers (and owners, if the property is purchased by an investor) from defects in the assembly of the home, and the materials. If something goes wrong with your new piping, the warranty will cover it for a period of time. If your air conditioning suddenly stops working the summer that you buy it, you can rest assured that there is recourse, and you’re going to be comfortable soon. Without warranties, the repercussions of a home with a leaky roof could be several thousand dollars of damages.    

Older Homes May be Eligible for Tax Credit

When some people think of old homes, they think of dilapidated money pits, covered in cobwebs. When other people think of old homes, they think of elegance, class, and old-fashioned charm that, by a miracle, survived to this day. Older homes, for many people, are the change to own a piece of history, and share the same halls and floors as the people who came long before us. Older homes may need a little extra care, but they may also qualify for tax credits related to their care. Contact your city hall for more information about what your home can do for you.

Newer Homes Have Newer Systems

New homes have a new-home smell that people have successful emulated time and again, but nothing can actually match the “new home” smell, knowing that there is no candle burning. This is thanks to, in part, your new home having a brand new HVAC system. Your HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, is central in maintaining good air quality in your home, and if you have a home of brand-new materials, you’ve got a bunch of brand-new smells that will circulate through your home for months. Newer systems may not only save money on utility bills, but may be cheaper to insure, too! Whatever home you decide is best for you, everything will be safe and warm inside.

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