Tips For Buying New Homes


Tips For Buying A New Home

Purchasing A New Home For Your Family

What’s different about buying new homes over buying one that someone’s lived in before? Well, first off, you’re not buying from someone who lived there, but rather from the person who built the home. Here are a few things that are important to consider when you are buying new homes for you and your family.

1. Find A Good Agent

Before you go look at new homes that are up for sale, you will want to find someone who can help you with the process. Make sure they aren’t affiliated with the builder in any way so they don’t have a vested interest in your purchase of a certain new home. You want an agent who will represent your family, not a builder. Once you have an agent, you can start looking at new homes with their help.

2. Research Builders

When you are looking at certain developments and communities, you may see that the same builder has been in charge of many of the homes in the area. Look into their background and how happy their customers are with their purchases after a few years of living in homes designed and made by the builder. Most builders will have some happy and some unhappy customers. But if there are many more happy customers, you can trust their quality.

3. Get Guarantees

When you look at new homes, sometimes the homes are complete and ready for you to move in. Other times, the homes are in the process of being built and you will move in when they are completed. You will need to get guarantees that certain things will be done on a certain timeline or that certain items will be installed as necessary. Perhaps as the buyer, you get to pick out the flooring and wall colors of other such items. You’ll need a guarantee that you will be allowed to do that so you aren’t disappointed later.

4. Consider The Future

Perhaps right now, you are looking at new homes for yourself and your spouse. But in the future, you might have children to consider as well. Think about the options within the new homes and how they will benefit you both now and well into the future. Are there good schools around for possible kids? Even if you don’t have children, having good schools around will increase your property value and the ease in which you sell your home later. Think about future dynamics within the community to make the best decision possible on the new homes you consider.

Talk With San Elijo Hills Representatives About New Homes

If it’s new homes you crave, San Elijo Hills has the best to offer to you and your family, both now and in the future. Our community has a small town feel with big city amenities nearby. With award-winning schools, plenty of parks and trails, shops and fine dining options, we have a little bit of everything for anyone who moves to the area. Check out the new homes we have available and start to dream about what your life would be like within our community. You’re welcome to join us!

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