Ways to Make Your House Feel Homey

Ways to Make Your House Feel Homey

Giving Off Homey Vibes

Moving into a new home is exciting! It may not feel much like your own at first, but there’s things you can do to quickly change that. Your home is a place that you will most likely spend a lot of time in, therefore it should feel comfortable and cozy to you, your family, and visitors. Transform your space into a homey oasis with helpful tips from San Elijo Hills!


Bring warmth into your living area! This can be done using various paint colors, incorporating wooden pieces, installing a light fixture, and adding texture. Some warm color tones include greige (gray-beige), blues, yellows, creamy whites, and greens. Wooden pieces like a coffee table or a chair can bring warmth into the room. Light fixtures can turn a room into a cozy atmosphere. We recommend having a dimmer switch so you can soften the light as you please. Finally, adding textural pieces like pillows, blankets, and furniture will make your home feel homey. 

Comfortable Flooring

Comfortable flooring is key! Hardwood flooring is perfect for living the hygge lifestyle. You can also add rugs for warmth under your feet or opt for carpet. Carpet is a soft and naturally insulating material. It can also work to make your living space quieter, as it absorbs sound. 

Photos and Artwork

Fill up your walls with photos and artwork! We definitely recommend putting family photos on display. They will make your home look lived in and show off your personality. Depending on your style, there are a variety of art pieces to choose from. A beautiful piece of hanging art can also act as a focal point in a room. 

Throw Blankets

There’s truly nothing like curling up on the couch with a nice throw blanket. We suggest keeping a basket of throw blankets in your living room to use when it’s chilly. They can also be used for decoration in your home. Some popular materials include knit, faux fur, and quilt. 


Another cozy element you can add to your home is plants as well as flowers. They add texture and beauty. It’s also said that indoor plants can affect our health and wellbeing by purifying the air, improving mood, and reducing stress. Some plants we suggest getting include succulents, orchids, ferns, peace lilies, and aloe vera

Welcoming Scents

Keep stale air out and fresh scents in! Make your home welcoming with cozy smelling aromas. This can be done by lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, simmering potpourri, or even baking something sweet! 

Create a Homey Atmosphere In San Elijo Hills

We encourage you to live comfortably in a homey environment in San Elijo Hills. The Estates at San Elijo Hills offer a variety of luxury floor plans and elevations to choose from with Spanish, Tuscan, Monterey, and European-inspired architecture. Our Residence 1, 2, and 3 models are currently available and can be customized to your lifestyle. Whether you’re moving from within San Diego County or from across the country, San Elijo Hills is the perfect place to make your new home.

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