Holiday Safety Tips From San Elijo Hills

Holiday Safety Tips From San Elijo Hills

Protect Your Family and Home with Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is a fun and festive time of the year. It consists of family and community gatherings, decorations, good meals, traveling, and more. However, accidents and disasters can occur that can put a damper on your spirit and cause serious damage to your home. It is important to be careful and take the proper steps toward safety. Learn how to protect your family and home with holiday safety tips from San Elijo Hills. 

Secure Your Home

Many people travel during the holidays to visit family or to go on vacation. Before you leave, it is important to make sure that all your windows and doors are locked. We recommend keeping valuables out of plain sight to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to look after your home and collect any mail while you are away. 

Be Mindful of Ordering Packages

Ordering gifts is very common during the holiday season. If you are having packages delivered to your front door, make sure that someone is home to receive the packages, so you can prevent theft. If you are going to be away from home for awhile, it is best to have packages delivered for when you return. 

Never Leave Food Unattended While Cooking

Don’t turn your holiday celebration into a catastrophe. Fires can occur when you’re not paying attention in the kitchen. Do not leave food unattended when it is cooking. Always be aware when you are using the oven and make sure to have a timer for your food. Keep flammable materials away from any fire source. 

Be Careful With Holiday Decor

Decorating your home is a fun activity for the entire family. You may choose to put up lights, a tree, and other decor on the inside and outside of your home. Prevent indoor fires by keeping flammable objects away from fires sources, including fireplaces and lit candles. Extinguish any fire source before leaving the house or going to bed. Water your tree and dispose of it when it gets too dry. When putting up lights, make sure that they are not damaged as they could cause an electrical fire. Do not use indoor lights to decorate the outside of your home because they can get wet from moisture. 

Check Your Smoke Detectors 

Working smoke detectors can help save lives and prevent serious damage to your home in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors should be installed in every room as well as in common spaces. The batteries should be replaced every year and the physical alarm should be replaced every ten years. 

Install a Security System 

You can keep an eye on your home and have peace of mind by installing a home security system. This may include security cameras, video surveillance, motion sensor lights, and more. 

Stay Safe With These Holiday Safety Tips From San Elijo Hills 

Make safety a priority for you and your family this holiday season! You can prevent a fire or theft by being cautious and prepared. By following these tips, we guarantee you’ll have a memorable time. We wish you a very safe and happy holiday season from all of us at San Elijo Hills!

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