Local Trails and Parks in San Elijo Hills

Local Trails and Parks in San Elijo Hills

Enjoying the Parks and Trails to Their Fullest

When you move to San Elijo Hills, you can enjoy the nearby trails and parks, either alone, with family members, or people from the community. You don’t have to travel far at all to have access to the trails and parks you might want for hiking, nature walks, exercise, and time in the fresh air with your family. With a number of options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are a few choices to help you find the right path.  

Copper Creek Trail

This trail is soft in surface and gives you a relaxing, scenic stroll along the creek for about a mile. The gentle grade showcases plants that shelter and feed many different animals in the region. You can watch the water trickle by and take in whatever animals might happen to cross your path.

Sunset Trail

For more advanced hikers and those looking for a challenge, this moderate to difficult trail gives you a half-mile hike in a sixty feet vertical climb. At the top, you have a view that gives you a panoramic sight of the coastline that’s hard to beat. It’s a nice place to stop for a water break and enjoy the view of the beauty this region offers. 

Double Peak Trail

Seeing it all is just a short hike away on Double Peak’s top. This difficult trail is soft surface and takes you up at a 14% grade. The views, however, at the top are worth the effort when you can see at an elevation of 1640 feet.

Lake View Trail

This moderate climb walks you around the northeastern edge of San Elijo Hills for a mile. The expansive views of South Lake and surrounding areas are astounding, and the trail also connects to the Discovery Lake area to give you even further to go, if you wish. 

Trail Rules

No matter which trail you choose (and there are plenty of others besides those already listed), you want to be mindful of the rules, so you can respect nature and the area around you. Stay on the paths, for example, and only hike the trails from dawn to dusk. Keep to the right of the trail so someone behind you can pass and never smoke or start a fire of any kind. If you have a dog with you, they need to be on a leash with a 6-foot lead at most, and you are to clean up after them. Take out anything you carry in (like water bottles) and don’t litter.

Nearby Parks

This area is also filled with lovely parks, like Double Peak Park, which is filled with beautiful views, picnic tables, and benches for relaxation and family fun. The Questhaven Park is a great central location complete with lots of shade and a playground. The San Elijo Park has 19 acres with a dog park, community center, and soccer field. 

Finding Trails And Parks For Your Nature Needs

Everyone enjoys being in nature from time to time. You might be a regular or you might only want to breathe in the fresh air on occasion. Either way, there are plenty of trails and parks in San Elijo Hills. Download the map to figure out what’s best for you. Either read up on the options to choose the right path or pick one at random and give it a try. You can always go a different direction next time and discover new things then. When you live in the area, you have time on your side to explore them all eventually.

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