Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors in San Elijo Hills

Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors in San Elijo Hills

How to Spend Your Time Outdoors in San Elijo Hills

Spending time outside has many benefits. Exposure to sunlight offers you your daily dose of vitamin D. You can breathe in fresh air and exercise. Being outdoors could help improve your mental state and it’s also a way to connect with others. There are many opportunities to get outside in the San Elijo Hills community. These include walking or running on one of the twelve available hiking trails, bike riding, going to one of the community parks, and joining a club or organization that participates in outdoor activities. 

Hiking Trails

Hiking is a great way to enjoy quality time outdoors with friends, family, or by yourself. There are over 18 miles of hiking trails for people to run, walk, or bike on. Each trail offers scenic views as well as different difficulty levels. One of our favorite trails is the Sunset Trail. You can experience breathtaking, panoramic views of the coast. Other trails to check out are the Copper Creek Trail, Double Peak Trail, Lake View Trail, Quarry Trail, Lake San Marcos Trail, Canyon Trail, Ocean View Trail, Ridgeline Trail, San Elijo Road Trail, Discovery Trail, and Garden Trail. While on the trails it is important to be respectful of those around you and nature. 

Bike Riding

Going for a bike ride is a good way to get outside while also being an excellent source of cardio. You can explore the San Elijo Hills community, bike on one of the many trails, or travel a farther distance to the beach. The possibilities are endless! Bike riding is a great solo activity as well as one for the entire family or friends. 

Parks and Recreation

Enjoy a picnic and spend time with your family at the local parks in San Elijo Hills! These include Double Peak Park, San Elijo Hills Park, and Questhaven Park. Other recreational areas include the San Elijo Lagoon and Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. San Elijo Lagoon is located in  Cardiff-by-the-Sea and is one of the largest remaining coastal wetlands in San Diego. The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve in Escondido offers hiking trails and scenic overlooks. 

Clubs and Organizations

Many clubs and organizations participate in outdoor activities. The SEH Running Club coordinates different times to run on the trails in the community. Stroller Strides is a fitness group for moms that takes advantage of being outside. It involves power walking or running, strength, and toning. On January 26th, the community can participate in Star Walk XI, where they will be able to gaze at the stars while being introduced to basic astronomy concepts. There is a city hike that explores a new trail on the first Saturday of every month. 

Get Outdoors With San Elijo Hills

There are many ways to get outside in the San Elijo Hills community. Whether you choose to hike, bike, picnic, or gaze up at the night sky, we hope you can get the most out of your experience. If you are interested in more outdoor community events, please refer to the City of San Marcos calendar of events on our website. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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