The Benefits Of Living In A Master Planned Community

The Benefits Of Living In A Master Planned Community

Enjoy Your Master Planned Community

There are planned communities and then there are master planned communities. Which would you prefer? If you don’t really know the difference, take a look at the benefits of living within a master planned community. Do the other planned communities have these benefits? They might have some of them, but likely not everything on the list. Before you purchase a new home in any community, check to see if it has a master plan so you can enjoy advantages like these.

Optimal Variety

Master planned communities emphasize variety. The houses aren’t identical, one after the other, in a neat row all the way down the street. Instead, there are many different home builders involved in the area so the houses are unique and personalized. They don’t all look identical and they don’t all carry the same features. At the same time, the homes fit a certain style and presence.

Good Accessibility

Master planned communities include clever road systems, all of which are planned out in advance. The community is generally easy to access and has good traffic flow down every street. There aren’t avenues that get jammed up at certain times of the day and it’s easy to jump on and off major roadways to commute to work or to the schools.

High-End Amenities

These communities offer perks unlike regular planned communities have. They might have parks, trails, shopping centers, restaurants, and other things within their bounds. No resident has to go far to take advantage of the things they enjoy or even need in their life. Some master planned communities also have athletic courts, pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses.

Green Spaces

Communities that are just house after house after house might have a plan to them, but it’s not a master plan. Master planned communities feature plentiful green spaces including parks, sports fields, and even hiking trails. Those that live within the community have ample opportunity to enjoy nature right there within their community without traveling very far at all.

Numerous Design Options

Not all master planned communities are the same and they each have their own unique features. Some might have well-lit streets with stylish lampposts while others have extra wide sidewalks to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors with children on bikes. There are master planned communities that often feature large front porches so families have a place to gather while others have a gazebo in a park nearby to give neighbors a place to hang out together. The various designs all serve a purpose within the community.

Moving Into A Master Planned Community

If these sound like benefits you’d like to have around your home, check out the new houses in San Elijo Hills. You’ll notice that this community is situated near many of the county’s best schools and has a good deal of hiking trails weaving through the property. With numerous home designs and options and an accessible area, the master planned community is one that should interest your family a great deal.

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