Fun Ways to Sell and Maintain Real Estate

Getting the Keys to a House trying to be sold can be fun

Fun Ways to Sell and Maintain Real Estate

In a Tough, Competitive Market, Make Your Property Stand Out

At every turn, someone is doing something creative to attract attention to their product. Real Estate Agents aren’t just competing with other Real Estate Agents, but they are also competing with Lessors, builders, and people who have chosen to skip the third party to sell or rent their own home. With all of these challenges, there is still a list of strategies that Real Estate Agents can turn to for the purpose of pushing their homes to the front of the local line of homes for sale or rent. Being both strategic and creative with marketing a home can be a challenge, but as with any challenge, finding the fun makes your end success more enjoyable. Even if your end result is less than what’s desired, you are always learning, trying new things, and applying what you’ve learned to new situations. Don’t be afraid to learn new things, to grow, shift, and change with the market.

Seasonal Decorations

Everyone doesn’t celebrate the same holidays, but decorating for the season is easier than you think. There are things that you can do to decorate over the holidays without potentially offending or isolating prospective buyers. Garland on rails, banisters, and doorways, bits of holly, felt snow for windows all make a home look both wintery and cozy. Add some votive candles and pine-scented fragrance oil to bring your clients into a Winter Wonderland. Lots of flowers and pastel accents are as fresh as spring and summer mornings. In the fall, don’t hesitate to rake leaves into piles, and use some of them to line walkways. A cornucopia of plastic fruits and vegetables, and the scent of spices are ubiquitous in fall, and are the sort of reassuring warmth that anyone wants in their new home.

Upgrade Kitchen and Bathrooms

If you’re in the business of flipping houses, then you know what it means to buy a home whose plumbing is intact, but the plumbing outlets are outdated. Nothing moves a home faster on the market than a beautiful new bathroom or kitchen. These two rooms represent potential sources of large spending for repairs, should anything go wrong, but consumers will generally have more faith when there are upgrades, and the rooms look well-maintained. This can prove difficult in historic homes, however: the challenge for Real Estate Agents can be keeping the old style of architecture in the home while ensuring that everything still looks both reliable, and usable.  

Propose Creative Uses for Special Features

If you’re moving a property with a pool, don’t just talk about the obvious relief from summer heat, talk about the fun you’ll have watching your curious puppy learn to swim. If your property has a guest house, emphasize the extra space for visiting family members, or the potential income from renting it out, provided the guest house has a bathroom of its own, and a kitchen. If there is a den in addition to a family and living room, you could encourage potential buyers to dress it up to be their own space for reading peacefully, or painting by the morning sun. Reaching your buyers isn’t simply about being around to answer questions, but also providing opportunities for them to think of what they will do with the space that could be theirs.  

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