Why its Best to Live Near Schools

Elementary school playground near a lot of houses helping give easier access to parents and children

Why it’s Best to Live Near Schools

Don’t Miss the Best of the Best

Living within walking distance of a school is one of the best things that you can do for your family. For young, single people, living near a school might not be the best idea, but there is still a benefit that they can enjoy where their home is concerned. Living near a school is nice for the adorable scene of kids heading in to expand their minds, but there are some other, more important things to be loved about living near a school for families and singles alike.

More Confidence for Children

Schools are arguably one of the most important parts of the community. Schools and libraries are the two greatest centers of learning, and if you live near a school, you may live near a library, too. The easiest part about living within walking distance of a school is being able to proudly see your children walk to school. Children will need to become better aware of time, and more responsible for making sure that they are ready to go when it is time to go if they are responsible for getting themselves to school. It is understandable that children may not see the benefit of school beyond seeing their little friends and the teachers they adore, but you teach them that going and doing their best is important anyway. Being able to get somewhere on their own gives children the boost they may need to really succeed.

Easier Access for Parents

How do parents benefit from living close to their children’s school? Parent who work from home, or are stay-at-home moms and dads don’t have far to go for meetings, events, and plays. These lucky parents can walk with their children to school, and can make sure that they get home safely. If allowed, the children may even be able to come home to have lunch with their nearby parent. Even if both parents work, kids have a quick commute home, and can be given house keys so that they can wait at home until their parents are back. For parents who are teachers at their children’s school, work could be a fifteen minute walk away.

Higher Property Value

Homes located near schools may often be valued at a higher price due to the convenience of being so close to the place that your children will be every day during the week. This lessened commute is safer for families, as there are fewer opportunities for unsavory people to have access to the children. A higher property value will also, of course, appeal to single people, who want to get the most for their money if they need to leave their home.

Better Amenities

Schools often have tracks, fields, and playgrounds. These are often open for community use, and people all over the neighborhood can have the opportunity to be healthier and happier. Running on grass is easier than running on pavement for your joints, and your feet will feel the difference. Schools make neighborhoods nicer, and you’ve got a great thing when you live nearby.

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