Why You Should Consider Living Near Schools


Why You Should Consider Living Near Schools

Looking For Property Near Schools

When you are looking for a new home for your family, looking near schools is one of the best things you can do. There are a lot of benefits associated with living near a school. Here are just a few reasons to consider zeroing in on properties near a good school.

Higher Levels Of Safety

There are often laws and rules that exist in school zones. Penalties are higher for things like speeding and other things so people are less likely to break the law in areas near schools. Your home will be in a safer area simply because it is near a school.

Walking Distance For The Kids

If you have children or plan to someday, it is nice to be near the school so they can walk to and from. You don’t have to worry about the bus system, finding rides, or anything else that is associated with being farther away from the school. Being within walking distance can solve all of that. You can always walk with them and enjoy some exercise yourself.

Easier Access From Parents

It’s handy if you volunteer at the school or have to go there for events, meetings, or plays when you live close by. You don’t have to travel far and you are less likely to be late. If you’re a stay-at-home parent or work from home, you can even swing by the school for lunch and not take much time out of your day. Having access to the schools can be beneficial for parents.

Higher Value In Property

Homes located near a school are usually priced higher because it’s convenient being close to a school. The commutes are shorter and there are fewer opportunities for crimes. The property value may be higher initially for you to get a home in the area, but they will also be higher when you sell the home so you will be able to recuperate your investment with ease.

More Amenities

Generally, communities that are close to schools have more amenities. The schools have racks, playgrounds, fields and more. These areas are often open for community use when the school is not using them. Children have plenty of places to run and play. Plus, communities near schools often are family-friendly and have more items as well, such as hiking trails, playgrounds, pools, and more. There are a lot more entertainment options for families near schools.

San Elijo Hills Is Near Schools

If you are looking for a home that will be near a school, check out San Elijo Hills. Not only is this community near schools, but they are some of the best, most desirable schools in the area. The award-winning schools in the area are just one of the many things that make this community an ideal place to live. The family-oriented area provides top quality education for any student-aged resident.

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