How To Research New Schools When Moving


How To Research New Schools When Moving

The Search For New Schools

Finding good schools for your children is probably one of the most difficult tasks any family or parent has during the moving process. Sometimes, you have no choice when it comes to the schools you put your children in. Whether it is due to the lack of availability or the specific requirements of your particular move, good schools can be hard to find. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is impossible, however, especially when you know how to research in advance. To take the necessary steps ahead of time, you should begin by thinking about what you need in a new school.

Your List Of Requirements

Take an evening to sit down with the whole family to list out what you’re looking for in a new school. This should go beyond the obvious things like a quality education and facility. Some things you may consider include a convenient location, unique programs, or good surroundings. You can even divide up the list into different sections for each person. Pay attention to what your children may be looking for as well. While your ability to find a school that has everything on the list may be small, having a good idea of the things you’re looking for will allow you to better assess potential candidate schools as you begin to research what is available. If you have the luxury of moving to a location based on the different schools, this list will also help you narrow down the field of potential communities to look at.

Doing The Research On New Schools

With your list in hand, the next step is to simply get out there and research. If your move is going to be a local one, you can drive around to see what schools are in the areas you are interested in. Get out and talk to the locals for a personal insight as well. There’s nothing better than getting information from people who know the local communities like the back of their hand. People with children currently or previously in the schools will be able to give you a unique, personal perspective on what each school has to offer over the others. If your move is going to be further away, check out common websites with school reviews to see what other people are posting about the schools in the areas of your interest. You can also learn a lot by checking out a school or school district’s website to learn more about the academics and extracurricular activities they can offer for your children.

Making A Final Decision

In order to make the best decision, you should have as much information as you can find. Most people find that having a few different options, up to about five or ten different schools, gives them enough possibilities to work with. Once you have your list, it’s time to make a decision. Have your list of wants and needs at hand as you assess the different schools. The more a school checks off on this list, the better. As you begin to find different pros and cons, start to assess what is most important to you. Keep your children and other family members in the loop as well. Their feedback and input can sometimes make the difference between the different options you have in your mind.

Moving Forward

Once you feel like you’ve made the right decision, you should begin to get your family ready as you continue with the moving process. This doesn’t necessarily mean starting right away if you aren’t going to be moving right away. Instead, start getting in touch with the school or school district once you have a new home under construction or under contract. Once you are one or two months out from actually moving, you will be able to see what kind of space the school has for enrollment. If everything’s a go, you will also be able to work with the school to get your child prepared for the new school year or caught up if you are moving in the middle of a semester. Do you live in Southern California and are looking for a new home to buy? Come check out the San Elijo Hills community and our local schools to see if our community would be a good fit for your family. Learn more on our website.

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