Schools and the Community

Classroom full of students

Schools and the Community

Schools are Important to Every Community

Schools are the cornerstone of every community. Different schools are part of different community, but learning is part of what helps a community to grow, adapt, and change. With so many options for primary and continuing education, just think of all of the schools that are important to any community, and what great benefits you’ve seen in your own community.

Grade Schools and High Schools

The places where everyone gets their start is also located near a prime area of real estate. People want to live near schools because schools are generally safe areas for children. Living within walking distance of a school is a great advantage to parents and their children. Being able to walk to school gives more autonomy to children, and alleviates the distance, which can pose a threat to children, that they are traveling between home and school. For both grade school students, and for high school students, there is an advantage in being able to go into school, and get homework on sick days. For parents, it’s convenient to be able to go straight home without a long commute after a parent-teacher conference. Schools are great resources for children and families, especially when they’re close to a neighborhood.

Adult Schools

For those who weren’t able to finish their high school education during their teen years, there are adults schools in every city. Adult schools are usually held at night, and usually at high schools, community centers, or community colleges. Adult schools are taught by people who have college degrees, usually in teaching and are able to plan and deliver lessons several times each week. Adult schools are often programs to help adults finish their high school diploma, but may also be for a GED. Adult schools are important because a basic education is always valuable, and necessary if a person desires to move past a basic education. Being able to move on to have a post-secondary education as a result of finishing their basic education means more money in the community.

Trade Schools

Similar to adult schools, trade schools prepare people for specific jobs, most of which are blue-collar technical jobs, like electricians and plumbers. Trade schools are filled with people determined to make a career change, and have a better life. The teachers of trade schools are usually professionals in the field, and may even be able to provide connections to the industry. Trade schools bring more money and resources to a community because it educates adults, after which they themselves are able to get better jobs, and more spending power.  

Community Colleges

More affordable than four-year colleges, community colleges offer adults and high school students a variety of interesting and engaging subjects across multiple disciplines. Community colleges are free in some places, and are a great way for those interested in a subject, but unsure of whether or not to move forward, to get a taste of what there is. Community colleges serve high school students with a taste of college, and assist adults in finding better work.

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