How Schools Can Promote Active Learning

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How Schools Can Promote Active Learning

The Best Schools Promote Active Learning

It’s important to remember that activities outside of the classroom are crucial to children’s development and learning. Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to understand how the extra dedication will benefit their children. The truth is, extracurricular activities allow students to pursue interests outside of the standardized academic context. This type of active learning helps to strengthen the mind, promote better time management skills, and develop strong interpersonal skills. All schools should promote learning, but it’s important to recognize that award-winning schools go beyond the classroom with their course of study and activities.

We’ve outlined a few activities that help students engage with the material, collaborate with each other, and apply knowledge to a real-world situation outside of the classroom.

School Science Fairs

The concept of a school science fair might seem fairly straightforward. However, it’s important to recognize that this excellent learning experience goes beyond science. This hands-on activity teaches children problem-solving skills, communication skills, research skills, inquiry skills, and the ins and outs of healthy competition. During the months of preparation, children learn to communicate ideas, as well as interact with one another and engage their minds with science through creativity. Older students will strengthen their grammar and writing skills in providing a research paper along with their finished project. Creativity can be utilized in designing a display board. This is a well-rounded activity in promoting various areas of education, not just science. Schools who hold science fairs are promoting active learning and it’s said to be a cornerstone of successful science teaching.

School Tree Planting Projects

School tree planting projects help students and teachers understand the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship. This activity aids in teaching children how to develop an understanding of organisms, populations, and ecosystems. Not only will this activity be enriching for students, it also helps support a larger community effort to help promote tree growth and environmentalism. Students and schools become aware of the role they can play in protecting and preserving the environment through personal involvement. Ultimately, this project can help students and schools make informed decisions about conservation and natural resources.

School Dances

While school dances may not hold the same type of academic benefit as science fairs and tree planting projects, they encourage kids to express themselves. Whether you hold a themed school dance or a costume party contest, this group activity was established as an appropriate social outlet for students and schools. School dances also serve to provide local events and school-sponsored groups with an opportunity to raise money. Money raised can be put towards special projects and school class trips.

Schools & The San Elijo Hills Community

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