Schools are Community Pillars

Girl In Front Of Schools Entrance

Schools are Community Pillars

Schools are Important

Think of all of the things for which you love your community – you love the parks to get your exercise, the schools to feed your mind, the theater to entertain and move you, and the local businesses for everything that you need. One could argue that local schools are the most important part of any community, but they go hand-in-hand with everything else in a community on which we all rely! Schools, though, are where everyone gets their start: your first friends, your first taste of the world outside of your home and family, and the little bit of confidence that takes you from a sweet kid to an awesome grown-up.


Let’s talk about schools! Some people love them, some people hate them, but everyone benefits from investing in education. Schools are responsible for the generation of doctors that will care for the grouchiest people as they age, and pass on. Some schools are public, some schools are private, some schools cater to adults, and some schools cater to children, but every school educates those who are committed to learning. Don’t forget that medical schools, law schools, teaching certifications all teach the best, too! Even better news is that when there is a new housing development in the works, that means that new schools are being considered, too! Always remember that schools are there for everyone, and contribute to daily life, whether it’s because someone is at the doctor, or just going to the gym.


Perhaps we’ve forgotten theater schools exist, too? Not at all! Theater is taught in and out of formal schools, with many people displaying a natural talent for acting as children and adolescents. Whether or not the local theater offers a school for aspiring actors and actresses, theaters are as important as schools in a city or a smaller community. Theaters is a place for self-expression, and even political involvement. Some theaters even have enough space for informal schools, or for small art galleries!


Parks are truly as useful as schools in any and every community. The chance to go out, to play, to exercise, and to make the best use of your time can, at times, be even more important than school or work. Parks are for playing, exercising, birthdays, hour-long vacations, and relaxing. Parks are also extremely important because, unlike traditional schools, they are nature in the big city. There isn’t a single person in any school or workplace that doesn’t benefit from the presence of a park.

Local Businesses

Many schools are located near local businesses, which are often staffed by students at said schools. Local businesses and schools haven’t collaborated very long in the context of history, but many local businesses take pride in their initiative to donate to schools and local charities. Many businesses have donated money and supplies to schools over the years, and schools, in turn, have given them employees, and even new managers! Schools and businesses go hand-in-hand in any contemporary community, and you’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t know this! Choosing a home near school, work, and local businesses is an amazing way to support a growing community.

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