Switching Homes And Schools In The Fall


Switching Homes And Schools In The Fall

Moving During The Fall

Sometimes it is difficult, if not impossible, to pick the best time to move. Many factors influence the most appropriate moment: when you find or build a house when you sell your home, even things like mortgage approvals. When you have children, it’s even more difficult since you have to deal with school schedules and other activities. Most experts suggest you should wait until the summer to move, but that isn’t always possible. More importantly, it isn’t always the best option. Here are some advantages and tips for you to use if you are moving in the fall:


Since many people wait until the spring or summer to move into a new home, moving companies and other moving services are at their peak during these seasons. This drives up demand, which in turn, drives up costs. If you are on a strict schedule, you might not be able to find the company you want to work with at the time you need. In the fall, however, demand is lower, meaning these companies are freer. This gives you a greater amount of flexibility to schedule your move. Even with school going on, you should be able to find better opportunities than in the summer.

Cheaper Moving Costs

Due to the decreased demand in the fall, you can also take advantage of lower moving costs. Moving companies have to make ends meet during the fall, so they will often lower prices or run deals to bring the attraction to their business. This even extends to moving supplies, such as boxes and tape. These moving expenses can add up quickly, so the fall season is a great time to lower the baseline costs of the things you normally can’t control.

Making It Easier On Children

Regardless of the advantages you can get during the fall season, it’s important to make sure you can make the move easier on children going to school. The main reason experts suggest moving in the summer is that it makes it easier on children to switch schools during a break. This doesn’t make moving in the fall impossible, however. You need to be upfront and communicate the move to your children as soon as possible. The more notice they have, the more time they will have to emotionally process the change. Try to help them deal with the emotion as much as possible. You can help them meet new friends or say goodbye to old ones by hosting get-togethers, sleepovers, or parties. The more you interact and help them, the easier the transition will be.

San Elijo Hills In The Fall

If you want a truly unique location to look at for moving in the fall, check out what San Elijo Hills has to offer. With unique floor plans, lots of hiking trails, and a great community feel, San Elijo Hills is a beautiful place to move to during the autumn season. Be sure to look at the local schools to see the type of great education your children could have here as well. For more information, see our website for the latest home availability.

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