Tips For Evaluating Schools In San Diego

Adequate Staff at school pictured by teacher in front of classroom full of students

Tips For Evaluating Schools In San Diego

Whether you already live in the San Diego area and are just relocating to a new home, or you’re moving to the city for the first time, finding a new home is a long process involving a lot of variable. Priorities will vary from family to family, but schools will likely play a big part in your home buying decision.

How to Properly Evaluate Schools In A New Area

The age of your kids will certainly come into play here, as will their experience with moving. If you’re a family that had to relocate quite a few times, your kids might not have any trouble finding a new group of friends and making the most out of their situation. However, a first time move at a certain age can be really difficult for some children to process, so you want to make sure you give them the best chance possible to succeed in their new environment. Here are a few things to be mindful of when looking at new schools.

Check Out The Annual District Report

A great first step in evaluating any school district is looking at various end of year reports that are released. By their nature as public institutions, there is going to be a lot more transparency regarding the performance of each class, and you can also spot certain trends. For example, maybe 5 or so years ago the overall student performance was average or subpar. Looking at it now, you might notice a gradual increase in results, which is a great sign that your kids will be going into a thriving situation. There is plenty of information to be gauged from these end of year reports, including how budget is allocated and what sort of resources are available to students.

Are The School Facilities and Personnel Adequate?

While part of this information may be highlighted in the annual district report, you should always try to get a sense of the school’s facilities and various staff. It’s important that the school itself has kept up with advances in technology, and provides students with the best chance to succeed, regardless of the subject being taught. Along those lines, the various teachers should be comfortable embracing technology as a way to enhance the learning experience, and be comfortable with how quickly technology changes. Also, does the school have enough staff and expertise to offer advanced placement (AP) courses for high school students? These classes are essential now for students hoping to attend high quality colleges and universities across the country.

Keep Extra Curricular Activities In Mind

While this might not be as pertinent for younger students, those about to enter or currently in high school probably have some sort of affiliation with a club, sport, or hobby that they will want to pursue as they age. Sports are probably the most obvious example here. If one of your children is hoping to pursue a college career in a particular sport, where they finish off their high school career is going to be a big deal. The best teams and best coaches get noticed, so where they play can’t be overlooked.

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