How to Get Involved with the San Elijo Hills Community

How to Get Involved with the San Elijo Hills Community

Joining The San Elijo Hills Community

It can be intimidating to move to a new neighborhood and try to make your way into a new community, but in San Elijo Hills, there are a number of things you can do to meet new people and get involved with local organizations The community atmosphere is prevalent here and new neighbors are welcome to join in on the fun. Here are a few things to enjoy in and around the San Elijo Hills Community .

Volunteer At The Schools

If you are a parent or grandparent to school-aged children, the schools in the area are always looking for volunteers. You can volunteer as a room parent, art docent, science lab assistant, traffic or library volunteer, garden docent, help at school events, tutor kids, or even help teachers check everyday papers. Contact the school closest to you or your child’s teacher and check into volunteer needs. You’ll likely run into other San Elijo Hills parents and residents working alongside you in the schools.

Support The Local Teams

With so many great schools in the area, there are also great sports teams. Attend some track meets, football games, basketball games, and other sporting events. You’ll meet people who love the same sports and perhaps even have children in those activities. They will also likely live nearby in the San Elijo Hills area.

Shop Locally

Luckily, San Elijo Hills has a full shopping area, complete with restaurants and everything you could need. When you shop within your San Elijo Hills community, you will likely run into others you know from the neighborhood, reaffirming the new connections you have made.

The Running Club

San Elijo Hills has a running club that gathers for runs on the hiking trails. They are like-minded people who enjoy a good run and act as methods of support and encouragement for one another. You can run on your own, of course, but running with others can really make for a community experience.

The Local Business Breakfast

This neighborhood also has a business networking group that meets in San Elijo Hills on a regular basis. If you’re a busy business person, a breakfast with others like you can help you gain access to the individuals you need in the area. Making connections is important to any career and it’s also very fun.

Stroller Strides

Parents, especially those who stay at home with their children, can feel isolated when they move into a new area. If you join the stroller strides group, you get the fitness you want, and an instant community of other moms and dads to connect with as you walk on the trails. The Stroller Strides group is a perfect way for a parent to feel at home in a new neighborhood.

Fitting Into The San Elijo Hills Community

Fitting into this neighborhood isn’t difficult since there are so many fun activities and ways to get involved. Just find your niche and where you want to head to get the community feeling you need. If you’re looking for a home near good schools with a stellar community atmosphere, you can’t do much better than San Elijo Hills. The new homes could be just what your family needs.

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