Enjoying Local Community Events

There are plenty of perks that come with moving into a new home in San Elijo Hills. There’s the local shopping centers, parks and trails, the beautiful views, and the community atmosphere. There are also a number of things going on in the area on a regular basis and October is no different. Here are just a few of the activities and events on the calendar to enjoy this month:

Fun Friday Nites

On October 4th, the San Elijo Recreation Center will be hosting fun Friday Nites. This event gives adults the opportunity to have a date night while their children enjoy an evening of crafts, games, movies, pizza and more. Kids ages 4-12 can participate in the event from 6pm-10pm while adults catch a movie, go out to eat, or just get some things done around the house. 

City Hike and Fire Department Open House

This beautiful region can be showed off during the City Hike from 9am-12pm on October 5th. Experience the wonder of the historic region as you hike trails around areas like the Purple Heart Memorial with members of your community. After the hike, you can head to the San Marcos Fire Station #1 from 10am-2pm to look at fire trucks, see inside ambulances, and enjoy interactive games for kids and adults. Meet the local firefighters and be a part of this free community event for all ages. 

Breakfast With the Littlest Pumpkin

The San Marcos Community Center invites families to come enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast for $5 per person. Not only will pancakes be on the menu October 12th, but also orange juice, coffee, sausage, and scrambled eggs. Kids can have fun with carnival games while parents chat over their meals and enjoy good company. 

Family Night Halloween Party

No one in the neighborhood wants to miss out on the Family Night Halloween Party from 5pm-7pm on October 19th. Kids can wear their costumes and enjoy another chance to show off their creativity and personality through their dress-up style.

Star Walk IX

Have you ever wondered what makes stars shine the way they do? During this stargazing for beginners, you can learn some basic astronomy concepts, more about constellations, and simple facts about specific stars. You may also be able to see certain planets and constellations that only show up in the Autumn season at this event, held October 20th from 6:30pm-8pm. 

Committee Meetings and More

The San Elijo Hills region is also filled with ways for you to get involved. You can attend the planning commission meeting at 6:30pm on the 21st of the month or the City Council Meeting at 6pm on the 22nd. If you have an interest in the area’s green spaces, join the Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting at 6pm on the 16th. There are plenty of things to do and even more ways to have your voice heard as you make a difference in the community yourself on certain committees and in certain groups. Check out the calendar for a full list of what’s going on this month and when, so you can mark your own schedule and plan on what interests you and your family the most.
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