Finding New Homes In The Fall

When it comes to timing, finding a new home can be tricky. Whether you need to move out immediately or want to avoid the busy real estate season, fall can be a difficult time to search for a home. There are usually fewer options available on the preowned market to choose from. So are homes actually available in the fall? Of course! But the trick to finding the best one for you is knowing what type of home to look for. For the best luck, keep your eyes set on home developments.

Year Round Home Developments

People selling and buying pre-owned homes usually wait until the warmer months to search and advertise. Home developers, however, don’t have the luxury of waiting until the weather is perfect outside. Since new homes can take several months to build, they have to stay open and working all year long. You can use this to your benefit. Not only will you have more options available to you by focusing on new home developments, many developers will also lower prices or offer more incentives during the fall and winter months.

New Construction

A new home build may seem daunting at first. After all, you may have to wait for the house to be finished before you can move in. During construction, you will also have certain design decisions to make, such as what cabinets and countertops to use in the kitchen or bathrooms. Don’t worry if this seems like a lot to handle. Most home developers make the process easier by guiding you each step of the way and keep you up to date on the status of your new build. In the end, this is usually the better route to take since you can start a new build in the fall and have it ready to move into in the spring or summer.

Build Time

Think six to eight months is a long time to wait for a new house? In some cases, it can be difficult or impossible to wait if you need to sell your home or can’t find a temporary living situation. In this case, you can search for home developments that have a few spec homes available. Home developers tend to have more spec homes waiting in the fall and winter because of the decrease of buyers looking to move. If you can wait, the build time can be advantageous since you will likely be moving into the house when the weather is warmer in the spring or summer. Either way, see if the home developer can work with your particular situation so you can make a new home construction work.

Moving To San Elijo Hills

Fall in Southern California is a unique time that is unlike anywhere else in the country. Moving into a new home or starting a new construction now means you can plan on having a new living experience by next season, if not sooner. San Elijo Hills is especially beautiful in the fall. Hiking around our trails while the leaves turn colors will refine what you think of the autumn season. If you want to see if moving here in the fall is feasible for you and your family, check out our website for current information on what we have to offer.